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Key Elements of an SEO Friendly Website

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Key Elements of an SEO Friendly Website

Search Engine Optimization Tips

In November 2010, the Panda update was launched by Google to target poor, low-quality websites that contain low-quality content with an emphasis on using high value, original content to rank websites higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Besides improving the content and visibility of the website, many other factors such as backlinks, and content were also given more importance to rank websites higher.

Keyword Usage

The content of the website was given a lot of importance and it was given a high rank in the SERPs. This is the reason why webmasters started to over-optimize their content and keyword usage. By over-optimizing the content and keyword usage, websites were able to achieve higher rankings in the SERPs and also rank ahead of the competing websites in the search engines.

With the introduction of the Panda update, a lot of websites centered on the keyword usage in the content, and also the titles and domain names were optimized. The density of keyword usage was probably the highest that it has ever been in recent years. Some webmasters tend to stuff in the keywords indiscriminately, even with irrelevant content. This tends to have a negative impact on the user experience and gives a bad impression to the site visitors.

Dealing with Keyword Stuffing

The pages that were loaded with excessive keywords were identified as spam and were either taken down or pushed further down the SERPs. In most cases, these were those pages that had the highest rankings and also the highest traffic.

Websites that took a huge dip on their rankings were the ones that were compromised. It seems as though it is no longer possible to just stuff in keywords without regard to the importance of the ratio of keyword density to the actual content.

There is no way to prevent this from happening again in the future, but as of now, it is imperative to understand the difference between a keyword density that makes your website better as well as worse. It is advisable to write for human consumption, and not for the search engine algorithms.

Keyword Research

While you were at it, you also need to assess the requirement of your audience. Although the importance of keyword research is greatly known and recommended, it is practically done to make the websites better as well as Monitor and Improve performance.

So what are the keywords that your audience is searching for? Start compiling an audit or list of keywords that are relevant to your audience today. You can also record how your prospective customers identify your brand in the crowd. Be flexible enough to consider future needs.

Remember, the target audience uses different vocabulary, connotations, and terminologies across the world. So it is necessary to target the right keywords for your customers across different time zones and communicating technologies.

Capture Leads

The next logical step is to capture more leads through your content. It is not enough to just develop content, develop keywords, and insert links. It is equally important to follow up on the opportunities.

You can use Google Analytics to get more data from your visitors.  Installing it to your web pages will let you know the number of impressions, the number of clicks, sources, search terms, and unique vs. repeat visitors. If your developer is not using Google Analytics, you are missing out on some important information that can increase your conversion rate.

You should find out what your target audience is looking for? Once you know that, tailor your content to fill that need. Additionally, finding out what other people are looking for can help you strategize your moves, especially if you are doing the same thing.

Analyze Web Pages that Generate Traffic

Once you know what your target audience is searching for and what they are looking for, you will be in a position to create content that gets their attention. You can discover what kind of content and on what web pages that get the highest number of views. Create web pages, images, and videos that connect the most with your target audience.

Use Keywords to Build Landing Pages

Once you know what your target audience is “typing in” when searching for information, you can use this knowledge to create specific landing pages to drive traffic to. Depending on the page’s content, make sure you can link it to your target audience so it will be among the first things the site will display.

Follow These Steps to Optimize Your Site for Traffic

You don’t have to do the above steps the first time. You can keep tweaking your site regularly. In addition, it is recommended that you consider hiring content and SEO services. The charge is nominal, usually ranging from $500 to several thousand dollars per month.

Although no organic SEO strategy is going to make you rich overnight, you can do the basic on-site optimization steps and have some basic information at your disposal that can boost your traffic.

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