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Riverside SEO Services

At SEO Geek Squad, we offer outstanding SEO Solutions for local businesses in Riverside. Websites that rank on the first page are at high chances of getting lots of customers. In our search engine optimization solutions, we have managed to help business owners across Riverside California and the rest of the world to take advantage of organic search. 

Since the onset of the internet, many businesses have gone online. Businesses would like to reach customers easily so they list their products and services online. Our company has been offering SEO for local businesses in Riverside since 2016. 

There are several strategies that can be employed in search engine optimization. Always ensure you use white hat tactics. From our research, black hat tactics are a waste of time, and they will land your website with Google penalty. Our in house experts will check your site and identify the best digital marketing strategies to implement.

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Why Work With SEO Geek Squad As Your Riverside SEO Consultant?

Proven SEO results

Hire an SEO agency in Riverside CA who can guarantee you great results. Our SEO experts are ready to work on your website and make it a big success. When we say we can make it a big success, we mean it. There are several companies in Riverside that have hired us and were happy with the result. 

It is good to go step by step in your SEO process. Our experts will conduct an audit website you aim to rank and come up with ideas. Our breakdown will let you know the right strategies we can implement and the cost breakdown. There are times that you want to do SEO on your own. Yes, you can try but we do not suggest it. It will take a lot of time, and it may not generate good results. Your time is best spent on growing your business.

Our experts will assess the keywords you intend to rank, after which our experts will come up with the right plan. In most of the cases where we have handled SEO, our customers have achieved excellent results. Yes there are costs involved but you are paying for measurable results that will have a long term effect.

proven seo results
SEO Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization Experts

You might have hired a company in the past to do your SEO and end up with a lot of traffic, but it is NOT converting. In this case, the keywords you targeted can be a problem. No need to worry because our experts know the frustration you are going through. We have a team of experts who knows how to redesign and target the right keywords in your digital marketing so that the traffic you will receive will be targeted and ready to convert. Poor traffic conversion can waste a lot of resources and even end up demoralizing you. Your frustration will be easily solved after you decide to hire our team of experts.

Massive ROI

We are an experienced SEO agency in Riverside CA who aim at making your company make profits. Online marketing of your business plays a significant role in your success. Nowadays, many companies have resorted to digital marketing because they know it is the most effective way to get more customers. We will make your marketing efforts create a positive ROI. One of the ways you can beat the competition is to invest in a marketing strategy that will attract more customers and have a long term impact on your business. We know from past experience that the most effective and has the best ROI marketing efforts you can employ is getting on the first page of google. Work with our experts, and we will ensure you achieve the best return on investment with our search engine optimization services.

Massive ROI
Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO Solutions

Are you looking for an affordable SEO company in Riverside to boost your online presence? You are at the right place. Not only we offer affordable solutions, but our services are top-notch. It is essential to hire professionals who will do the best job rather than going for those who will deceive you with attractive deals only to end up doing a shoddy job. Our experts will take the time to work on your project with the rates that are very fair. It is good to compare quotes and decide on offers the most affordable price and the best solutions. We are ready to provide you with top quality SEO services.


Here’s Why Our Clients Love Working With Our SEO Company.

"I worked with SEO Geek Squad to update my website with a new look and feel. It was a pleasure to collaborate with the team as they implemented my vision for my site. Tessa was very customer focused, answered all of my questions, and provided suggestions. I highly recommend them for web design and seo services"

Lilly Alicea Landscaping Company

"I knew little about SEO when SEO Geek Squad contacted me, they educated me and I decided to give it a try. I'm very happy with my results and it seems this is going to be my main source of clientele within a few months! I highly recommend them!"

Jennifer Baugh Testimonial
Jennifer Baugh Cleaning Company

Before bringing them on to manage my website and ranking, I was completely lost in the web world. My do it yourself website was a joke at best. Basically my web presence did not exist at all. That has all changed, We are now bringing in more leads than we can service. I am more than pleased and look forward to an extremely long term business relationship.

Donald Conti Testimonial
Donald Conti Handyman

I appreciate the detailed and thorough process of reviewing my site and assessing my needs that I had them start to do SEO for my website. It has been easy to work with the SEO Geek Squad team. There has been true accountability and I’m very glad we chose them during our selection process. Thanks SGS for all of your hard work so far!”

Debra Worrell Testimonial
Debra Worrell Moving Company

The last SEO company that we worked with made a lot of promises, used the word proprietary a lot. And we didn’t see results so we started to look for somebody who could actually deliver us results. Good thing we found SEO Geek Squad. They were ranking on the first page for SEO in our city so they know what they are doing.

Brian Holland Testimonial
Brian Holland Home Remodeling

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Acquire More Customers

The main aim of carrying out SEO is to acquire more customers. As your Riverside SEO expert we are here to help you win with your digital marketing. Many companies that hire us are after ways they can attract more people to their website so that they can generate more sales. In most of the SEO projects we have undertaken, our customers have improved their sales.  The organic SEO solutions we offer will guarantee you first-page dominance, and the positive effects will be felt for several months to years.

Gain Insight To Your Competitor's SEO

You may be wondering what your competitors are doing to remain on the first page of Google consistently. We will carry out research and show you the tricks to employ a better strategy and overtake them. There is no impossible task if you know what you are doing. Try our services, and we will help you improve traffic to your site and its most important pages. We only apply proven tactics that will bring quick but reliable results. Get in touch and start growing your business today.

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Best SEO Experts in Riverside CA

Before any SEO work begins for your Riverside CA business, we’ll discuss with you to get to know your marketing experience, current lead volume, and your target prospects. From there, our SEO Riverside CA experts will check your website for the rank position, content quality, and any on-site issues. We’ll then compare your website with that of your competitors in Riverside to help us devise ways of overtaking them.

Using our experience to your advantage, analyzing your website using high-tech online tools, and discussing with you what your business needs, are some of the things that set apart from our competitors. After thorough research, we’ll come up with a comprehensive SEO plan.

We’ll focus on inbound linking, meta changes, speed improvements, landing page optimization, content writing, and other web fixes to help your website rank high on Google and other search engines. Apart from the Riverside SEO solutions just mentioned, we’ll also improve the paid ads you are running on Google or Facebook.

Website Content Improvement

For the time we’ve been serving in Riverside, we’ve realized many business owners don’t know how important web content is to their businesses. It is web content that increases the chances of your site appearing whenever a search is conducted.

Search engines do crawl websites and scan content to find out which keywords or search phrases on the websites. A website with high-quality content dotted with the relevant keywords in the right density will be ranked higher by the search engines.

Let us work with you to improve your web content and fix any search phrase or keyword issues it might have. We’ll also design for you the best landing page and provide you with unique content.

Boosting Your Website Speed

Your website helps people to find you easily, so it’s supposed to be user-friendly. If your website can’t load fast enough or it is difficult to navigate from one page to another, you’ll most likely lose your potential clients. Remember that over 40% of your visitors will leave your website if it can’t load within three seconds.

We’ll check your site for whatever might be slowing it. The slow loading speed can result from conflicting plugins, complicated and unnecessary database queries, or unoptimized images. Whatever it is, we’ll fix it to ensure your visitor never leaves your site until they take action.

Inbound Link Building

Inbound linking is one of the strategies we use to increase your web traffic. Inbound links are those links that point to your website from reputable websites. When other websites link to your website, it will prove to your prospects that you are an authority in your field. This will help build trust between you and your site visitors.

We are experts at building the best performing inbound links. We have been doing this for several years and we know the reputable websites we can link back to your site. We’ll also monitor and resolve any toxic links that might be on your site and analyze your competitor links to see what’s working for them.

Our Riverside SEO services

We Are a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

We are a full-service digital marketing company serving the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. We offer a variety of services to our clients including, website design, social media ads, content marketing, Pay Per Click, and Website Strategy. We also deal with Affiliate Marketing, Re-targeting, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Integrated Online Marketing Strategies, Email Outreach, just to name a few. So, whatever digital marketing service you need, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to help you scale the larder of digital success. 

Why we are the Highest Ranked SEO Agency in Riverside California


We take pride in being the best SEO company in Riverside. We’ve made many businesses in Riverside succeed, and yours will not be an exception. We combine creativity with our several years of experience to provide the best SEO in Riverside. Here are the reasons why many businesses choose us.

Best Customer Service

At SEO Geek Squad, we give our clients the utmost attention and priority they deserve. Our customer-centric customer service has earned us a spot in the hearts of the business community in Riverside. When you hire us, we’ll assign a dedicated Riverside SEO expert to you to handle your case and to ensure collaboration and communication between us is consistent. Our customers are our most valued assets and that’s why they are our main focus.

Fast Delivery

Meeting deadlines is one of our greatest strengths. It is important to us and also to your business. When you hire us, we’ll work around the clock to ensure we deliver on or before the deadline.

We understand that any delays may affect your site visitors and that is what we struggle to prevent. Even if we are to design a new website, we’ll do everything possible to make sure it is up and running in the shortest time possible while maintaining high-quality.

High Return on Investment

We provide top-notch services at affordable rates. We usually want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, so we charge fair rates. We want you to benefit from what you’ve invested in. That’s why we’ll go over and above to make sure our SEO efforts bring the desired results to boost your bottom line.

We Are Creative

The websites we design are not only user-friendly but are also attractive. We understand that the appearance of a website and ease of navigation will make your visitor stay longer. That’s why we use cutting-edge solutions and embrace and adopt new ideas to create unique websites.

We Are Honest

Once done with your web optimization or design, we’ll give you full disclosure of your campaign data and performance. This will enable you to see how your website is performing compared to those of your competitors.

You’ll have an online portal where you can monitor your campaign data. It is our honesty that has helped us to build trust with our clients. We are also honest in our pricing model. We don’t have any hidden fees or charges.

Diverse Expertise

As stated earlier, we offer all services related to digital marketing. From local SEO to eCommerce, we’ve got the right expert for the work. While working on your website, we’ll solve all problems related to digital marketing.